Lake Tahoe, CA/NV – The 15th annual Tahoe Bike Challenge begins on June 1 for a full month of bicycling excitement throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin. Hosted by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition, the Bike Challenge is a basin-wide celebration of biking and a friendly competition to see who can record the most rides.  As usual, the Bike Challenge will kick off with a bike path cleanup in South Lake Tahoe on June 1st from 5 to 8 pm, physically distanced of course including restaurant gift certificates for participants. Sign up at: “Participating in the Tahoe Bike Challenge allows you to have fun and stay fit while protecting the environment,” said Kira Smith, Associate Transportation Planner for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. “Given the recent lockdown orders across the country, we’re thrilled to be able to continue this event and encourage bicycling while practicing social distancing.” Community members can register for the Tahoe Bike Challenge online at and join a team or form their own. Starting June 1, registered community members can begin logging their rides. Riders will compete for bragging rights, while also becoming eligible to win prizes from local Tahoe businesses.  “We’re excited to celebrate 15 years of Tahoe Bike Challenges,” said Gavin Feiger, Board President of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition. “Tahoe has such a strong bike community, and this year more than ever we’re celebrating how lucky we are to be able to ride bikes in this beautiful place.” Bicycling remains an important way to get around Tahoe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and bicycling is still permitted in all Tahoe jurisdictions for recreation and as transportation to essential activities. In place of Bike to School this year, there is a “ride with kids” option for logging rides and special prizes for winners in this category.  “During these uncertain times, cycling can be a great way to maintain your healthy lifestyle while adhering to social distancing guidelines,” according to Harrison Brown, Physical Therapist at Barton Health. “Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise at any age; it keeps muscles and joints strong, promotes healthy lungs, and can increase happiness!” Whether you’ve been riding bikes for years or are new to joy on two wheels, dust your bikes off this June and enjoy the ride! The Bike Coalition created a short video to help you get your bike ready to roll: While fewer of us are driving these days, when we’re behind the wheel of our cars or trucks, let’s all remember to share the road. Be aware of an increased number of families riding on the road and make sure to give people biking some space. For more information on the Tahoe Bike Challenge or to find out how you can participate, visit ### With a mission to help make Tahoe more bicycle friendly, the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting bicycling, bike events, and new bicycle infrastructure such as bike paths and bike lanes throughout the Tahoe region. Learn more at The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency leads the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region, while improving local communities, and people’s interactions with our irreplaceable environment.