People at Lake Tahoe are working together like never before to restore our environment, revitalize our economy, and improve our communities. We saw significant progress all around the lake this year. And our progress is sustainable with continued partnership and collaboration, so critical to tackle the many challenges and important decisions on our horizon.

We are making significant progress at all levels and on all fronts and we have much to be proud of at Tahoe. But we have much more to do and continued partnership and “epic collaboration” will be critical to sustain our progress to restore our environment, revitalize our economy, and improve our communities. By working together we are making a real and meaningful difference.

-Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Executive Director Joanne S. Marchetta
Take a look back at significant moments from 2015.

March 2015: Heavenly Vote

TRPA Approves Heavenly Epic Discovery Project “The Epic Discovery Project represents an exciting, collaborative model for sustainable recreation that successfully balances environmental preservation and education with economic revitalization and improved outdoor recreational opportunities, all consistent with TRPA’s Regional Plan,” said Joanne S. Marchetta, Executive Director of TRPA.


April 2015: Clarity Report

Lake Tahoe water clarity in 2014 the best in more than a decade. “Despite the impact of reduced runoff from the drought in 2014, these findings underscore that our collaborative efforts to reduce erosion and stormwater pollution in the Lake Tahoe Basin are working and have halted the decline in mid-lake water clarity,” said Joanne S. Marchetta, executive director of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.


April 2015: Take Care Launched

Take Care campaign launched. “We heard loud and clear that a unified stewardship brand was needed to bring the region together to elevate our messages and see the biggest impact,” said Amy Berry, Executive Director of the Tahoe Fund. “We are thrilled to finally make the materials available to our regional partners for use in their outreach efforts.”


May 2015: Fanny Bridge Approved

TRPA Governing Board Approves Fanny Bridge Project. “The Fanny Bridge project for Tahoe City is a major step forward in carrying out the Regional Plan’s goal to make our communities at Lake Tahoe more walkable and bikeable while supporting community revitalization,” said Joanne S. Marchetta, Executive Director of TRPA.



June 2015: Lake Spirit Award Winners

TRPA Recognizes Lake Spirit Award Winners. “This year’s winners have shown amazing commitment by going above and beyond to protect Lake Tahoe,” said TRPA environmental education specialist Devin Middlebrook. “When it comes to creating environmental improvements on the ground, everyone has a role to play.”


July 2015: Restoration Act Introduced

Congress Introduces Lake Tahoe Restoration Act.  “Lake Tahoe is a unique national treasure with a strong, broad partnership of people working together every day toward its restoration, with funding coming from all sectors, federal, state, local, and private,” said Joanne S. Marchetta, Executive Director of TRPA. “We are making significant progress, but we must remain vigilant in our pursuit of Lake Tahoe’s restoration and its conservation for future generations to enjoy.”


July 2015: Tahoe Valley Area Plan Adopted

TRPA Approves Tahoe Valley Area Plan “Today marks another important step in implementing the Regional Plan. We look forward to seeing this comprehensive vision for one of our most visible gateways at Tahoe carried out for the benefit of our community, environment, and economy,” said Joanne S. Marchetta, Executive Director of TRPA.


August 2015: Lake Tahoe Summit

Lake Tahoe Summit focuses on Wildfire, Invasive Species Threats.  “By working together we can secure a healthy and prosperous future for the entire Tahoe Basin,” said U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-Nevada), who hosted the event at the Round Hill Pines Beach Resort in Zephyr Cove.


September 2015: Bijou Bike Park Opens

Bijou Bike Park opens in South Lake Tahoe. “the Bijou Bike Park is a celebrated example of a project that was made possible through a partnership between the city, Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association, and South Lake Tahoe BMX,” said Mayor Hal Cole.


September 2015: Invasive Species News

Meeting The Aquatic Invasive Species Challenge at Tahoe Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are one of the most serious challenges facing Lake Tahoe. They continuously threaten to damage its unique environment and famed water clarity and degrade the world-class recreational experiences residents and millions of visitors enjoy each year.


September 2015: Best In Basin Awards

TRPA announces 2015 Best In Basin Award winners.  This is the 25th year for the Best in the Basin program. TRPA created the program to recognize and showcase projects that demonstrate exceptional planning, design, and compatibility with Lake Tahoe’s environment and communities.


October 2015: Tahoe Yellow Cress Conservation

Tahoe Yellow Cress: Tahoe’s Conservation Success Story. Our region’s proactive, collaborative strategy to protect Tahoe yellow cress, begun almost 15 years ago, is working so well that the plant does not need additional protections under the federal Endangered Species Act.


December 2015: Project Tracker Launched

Environmental Improvement Program Tracker Offers Window to Tahoe’s Restoration.  A new website puts comprehensive information about the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program at everyone’s fingertips, allowing people to easily learn more about “Lake-Saving Projects” completed in their own neighborhoods and all around Lake Tahoe.


December 2015: Tahoe Art Exhibit on Display

Nevada Museum of Art features Tahoe art exhibit. “Fine art and art history in many ways define people’s understanding of place and cultural identity. This exhibition filled a significant gap in our regional knowledge and our understanding of ourself and what this region has contributed to our nation’s art history,” said Ann Wolfe, senior curator and deputy director at Nevada Museum of Art.