New boating safety video offers a guide for a safe July 4th weekend on Lake Tahoe

LAKE TAHOE, CA/NV –– With the goal of ensuring a safe summer on the water at Lake Tahoe, the League to Save Lake Tahoe, Clean Up The Lake and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency have released a video that delivers tips and resources for boaters and paddlers planning trips to the Big Blue. In recent years, and even early in this summer season, Tahoe has experienced a rash of tragic, on-water accidents. With the video, the three organizations aim to raise awareness of the Lake’s unique conditions and boating rules, and promote good boating behavior – so this year is the safest yet. With the busy July 4th weekend approaching, sharing efforts have ramped up.

“Boating at Tahoe isn’t like boating at any other lake. That’s because Tahoe isn’t like any other lake,” said Jesse Patterson, Chief Strategy Officer for the League to Save Lake Tahoe, also known as Keep Tahoe Blue. “There are unique precautions for getting on the water here that help protect this beautiful environment and, especially, everybody who wants to enjoy it. This video puts that information in one place.”

An easy and meaningful step before leaving the shore is to download the free Tahoe Boating App. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), in collaboration with the League to Save Lake Tahoe (League), developed the app to inform boaters about Lake Tahoe, the location of marinas and gas stations, area attractions, and how to enjoy the Lake safely and responsibly – including no-wake zones that are unique to Tahoe. Boating at Tahoe can be daunting for first-timers and renters. Using the app is a simple way to get prepared.

“The Tahoe Shoreline Plan protects one of the region’s most sensitive, pristine, and popular ecosystems so that all recreators can enjoy it,” TRPA Executive Director Joanne S. Marchetta said. “Important measures like the boating app, our on-the-water education program, and the new boating safety video work together to make Lake Tahoe safer and better protected.”

Clean Up The Lake has a wealth of recent experience in how treacherous Tahoe’s waters can be. In May, the nonprofit organization completed the first-ever underwater cleanup of Tahoe’s 72-mile shoreline. Over more than a year and 80+ dive days on the water, the organization’s staff and volunteers experienced harsh weather, rough water and less than desirable situations with other watercraft. Being alert and prepared to avoid risk is a message they feel passionately about spreading.

“Safety has always been the number one priority for Clean Up The Lake,” said Colin West, Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization. “While it’s easier to manage safety with our own staff and volunteers, we decided that it is just as important to educate the public who enjoy Lake Tahoe on what these rules are, and how to boat safely while out on the water. This helps to ensure our dive teams are operating in a safer environment, but more importantly it supports the effort that everyone can return home safely at the end of a day on the Lake.”

The majority of the boating public passes through one of Tahoe’s many marinas, rental businesses and concessionaires before getting on the Lake. Safety is a high priority for these operations, and so is educating their customers effectively and efficiently. The League, TRPA and Clean Up the Lake shared the video with water-based businesses, and many are putting it to good use.

“We do everything we can to keep our customers, and all watercraft users, safe,” said Lucius Beall, General Manager of Tahoe Keys Boat Rentals based on the south shore. “The boating safety video and the Tahoe Boating App have been very helpful tools to deliver clear messages and guidance to our customers.”


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Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Jeff Cowen, 775.589.5278
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency leads the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region, while improving local communities, and people’s interactions with our irreplaceable environment.

League to Save Lake Tahoe, Chris Joseph, 805.722.5646
The League to Save Lake Tahoe, also known by its iconic slogan “Keep Tahoe Blue,” is Tahoe’s oldest, largest and most successful nonprofit environmental advocacy organization. Our team of solutions-oriented Tahoe advocates use innovation, boots-on-the-ground action, and a holistic approach to solve the environmental challenges threatening the lake we love. In our 65th year, we continue pushing to Keep Tahoe Blue in an ever-changing world. Learn more at

Clean Up the Lake, Zac Smith, 530.852.2119
Clean Up The Lake 501(c)3 is a non-profit organization focused on fighting back against plastic and all forms of pollution, both above and below the surface of our local waterways, starting with Lake Tahoe. The organization uses SCUBA and dive teams to do a majority of its work, and has already removed over 40,000 pounds of litter from under the surface of Donner Lake and Lake Tahoe in the last 18 months. The team has further monitoring projects happening on these two lakes in 2022, with other cleanup efforts on Fallen Leaf Lake and June Lake in Mammoth scheduled this summer, and preventative efforts and educational campaigns in development to battle this never-ending pollution issue.

Make A Difference Creative LLC, Colin West, 530.562.7131
The boating safety video was produced by “Make A Difference Creative,” a film and television company owned by Colin West, the Founder of Clean Up The Lake 501(c)3. The production company has a focus towards environmental video production and PSAs such as this boating safety video. All productions moving forward will have 100% of profits donated back into the charity Clean Up The Lake 501(c)3. Colin West’s background is in film and television production. When his efforts began focusing on the charitable world, he shifted his former production company into Make A Difference Creative.