June 26, 2019 Governing Board Agenda
June 26, 2019 Governing Board Packet

Staff Reports:
Consent Calendar Item No. 1 – May Financials
Consent Calendar Item No. 2 – 2020 Annual Budget
Agenda Item No. V.II.B – Resolution for Wildfire Awareness Month 
Agenda Item No. V.II.C – Upper Truckee River and Marsh Restoration Project
Agenda Item No. V.III.A – Amendments to Chapters 84 and 90 for Shorezone
Agenda Item No. V.III.B – Notice of Preparation for E.I.S. for the Tahoe Keys Aquatic Weeds Control Methods Test
Agenda Item No. IX.A.1 –  Summary of 2019 Governing Board Retreat
Agenda Item No. IX.A.2 – Linking Tahoe Regional Grant Program Recommendations
Agenda Item No. XI.A – Main Street Management Plan Update
RPIC Item No. 4 – South Lake Tahoe Tourist Core Area Plan Amendments
RPIC Item No. 5 – Amendment to Chapter 36 regarding outdoor lighting
RPIC Item No. 6 – Amendments to Chapters 84 and 90 regarding Shorezone
RPIC Item No. 7 – Upcoming Topics
FHWC Item No. 3 – Overview of Chapter 61 of Code of Ordinances

Agenda Item No. VII.A South Tahoe Public Utility District
Agenda Item No. VII.C Upper Truckee Reach & Marsh Project
Agenda Item No. VIII. A Shorezone Amendments
Agenda Item No. VIII. B Tahoe Keys Lagoon Aquatic Weeds Control Methods
Agenda Item No. XI.A Main Street Management Plan

Forest Health & Wildfire Committee Agenda Item No. 4 Chapter 61 Review
RPIC Agenda Item No. 4 City of South Lake Tahoe Area Plan Amendment
RPIC Agenda Item No. 5 Outdoor Lighting Flags
RPIC Agenda Item No. 6 Shorezone Amendments