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May 22-23 Governing Board Agenda
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May 23 Governing Board Retreat Agenda

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TRPA Operations & Governance Committee
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Additional Items:

Agenda Item IX A Motion and AIS Baseline year Errata

Public Comments:

Legal Committee Agenda Item No 4 Deed restriction enforcement Written Public Comments

Agenda Item IX A Threshold Carrying Capacities Update Written Public Comments
Agenda Item XIII General Public Interest Written Comments

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May 2024 Operations & Governance Committee
Agenda Item No. VII.B. Tahoe Science Advisory Council Briefing on Microplastics
Agenda Item No. VII.C. Tahoe Climate Resilience Dashboard Demonstration
Agenda Item No. VII.D. 2050 Regional Transportation Plan Briefing
Agenda Item No. VIII.A. Appeal of Figone Garage/Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit
Agenda Item No. IX.A. Proposed Threshold Standard Revisions
Regional Planning Committee Agenda Item No. 3 Proposed Amendments to the Tourist Core Area Plan