The March 2, 2023 Hearings Officer meeting will take place online and in-person at the TRPA office. Any interested member of the public will be able to participate and observe the meeting, either remotely or in-person.  All details, including a link to the Zoom webinar, are posted below.

Video Recording

How To Provide Public Comment

Interested members of the public who are participating remotely will be able to digitally “Raise Their Hand” during the meeting and speak when called upon. Comment on any agenda item before the item closes. Comments submitted during the meeting will be recorded into the record. Individuals and groups will have three minutes of public comment time.

On the day of the meeting, join from the link or phone numbers posted below. In order to make a public comment, the Zoom App must be used and the correct audio options must be enabled. For more details click the link below. Zoom Webinar Public Participation – Click Here

Hearings Officer Agenda March 2, 2023

Item V A Dallosta Land Capability Challenge LCAP2022-0281
Item V B Shorezone Protective Structure ERSP2018-1042
Item V C Kaleta Multi-Family and ADU ERSP2022-1999
Item V D Kuhn Holdings LLC Land Capability Challenge LCAP2022-0643
Item V E Boxman Land Capability Challenge LCAP2022-0701
Item V F King New Single-Parcel Pier ERSP2020-0035