Here’s what’s new with

We would like to share what’s new with the TRPA website! Our staff is committed to delivering effective customer tools and other media to better educate the community about environmental review and regulations, development potential, and permitting processes in the Lake Tahoe Basin.


*New* development rights webpage.

Provides a user-friendly guide to explain the development rights program, including: how to acquire development rights, options for conversions and transfers, and development incentives and bonus units.


*New* area plan webpage.

Provides a guide for the public and agency partners to learn more about area plans including: relationship to the regional plan, how these are developed and used, and resources for developing or amending an area plan. This webpage also has an updated Area Plan Development Handbook that provides an overview of the area plan development or amendment process and lessons learned.


*New* housing webpage.

Provides an overview of housing specific incentives, definitions, and guides for the Tahoe Basin.


Updates to the local plans map.

Provides direct links to local plans (area plans, community plans, and plan area statements) and now contains links to design guidelines and a comprehensive list of all plans.


Property and permit information.

The Parcel Tracker provides a definitive source for property-specific information and TRPA records.


Interested in learning more about a specific TRPA program area? Please contact TRPA’s Planning Staff to set up a training or workshop by calling 775-588-4547.