The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition is unveiling a new, interactive, online map for bicycling around the Tahoe and Truckee region. This new map is a free, public resource and can be viewed at

The Bike Coalition designed the map to match the needs of people biking around Tahoe: It provides bike route directions, elevation profiles and location information for amenity and safety concerns, while at the same time offering an opportunity for community input.

“The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition is excited to provide the biking community with this free mapping resource. We hope people will take advantage of the feedback features, to collectively help make Tahoe an even better place to bike,” said Sherry Hao, board member with the Bike Coalition. “We designed the new online map to reduce information barriers to fun and safe biking in Tahoe. With this map, we hope to improve public access to the incredible biking opportunities that can be found throughout Tahoe.”

Visitors and residents can use the bike mapping tool, accessible via computer or mobile device, to plan bike trips based on destination and routing preferences (bike lanes/paths versus direct options). The map also allows users to contribute crowd-sourced information to improve biking in Tahoe. Users can report unsafe conditions or collisions and incidents. They can request bike parking at popular gathering spots that lack good bike racks. Users can also share the location of construction sites that might be difficult to bike around.

Map users have the option to view the location of local bike shops, bike rack parking, construction sites and specific bike path classifications. Additionally, the community input feature welcomes feedback on how to improve the map and bike infrastructure around Tahoe.

The Bike Coalition will continue to offer free copies of the paper Lake Tahoe Bikeways map, which is available at bike shops, visitors authorities and participating organizations in the Tahoe region.

The Bike Coalition developed the new interactive, online map with support from the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and its On Our Way grant program. The Bike Coalition collaborated with Blinktag, a transportation and planning technology firm, to create the interactive mapping tool.

“We hope this will be a helpful resource for both residents and tourists of all skill levels, from families with small children out on a casual ride to competitive cyclists riding around the lake,” said Chris Carney, a board member with the Bike Coalition. “The map supports the Lake Tahoe Bike Coalition’s efforts to promote bicycling as a fun, convenient, healthy and safe transportation choice.”


The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition is a member-supported nonprofit organization with a mission to help Tahoe become more bicycle friendly. The Bike Coalition promotes opportunities for more people to ride bikes in Tahoe, provides valet parking for bicycles at community events, co-hosts the annual Lake Tahoe Bicycle Challenge each June, and produces the well-known Lake Tahoe Bikeways Map. Please visit for more information.