Kings Beach, CA–Lake Tahoe Science partners released today the Lake Tahoe Nearshore Evaluation and Monitoring Framework at the TRPA Governing Board meeting. The research findings and recommendations address Lake Tahoe’s aquatic nearshore environment and the heightened interest in understanding factors contributing to its apparent deterioration. The report was prepared by by more than a dozen scientists and technical advisers from the Desert Research Institute (DRI), the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of California, Davis.

“The most recent scientific evaluation report on Lake Tahoe showed several areas of continuing concern, summer water clarity and troubling nearshore conditions were among them,” TRPA Executive Director Joanne Marchetta said. “While nearly two-thirds of TRPA’s environmental standards were shown to be met, declining nearshore conditions have become a major priority because it is where most of us form our first connection with Lake Tahoe.”

Marchetta said her Agency shares the public’s passion and concern for this precious, fragile part of Lake Tahoe and is actively collaborating with scientists to better understand the underlying causes of nearshore conditions.

The report is a synthesis of all existing information on the nearshore and doesn’t include new research. For the first time Lake Tahoe water quality agencies have a solid baseline of information from which to move forward on nearshore issues.

Visit the DRI Website for the Executive Summary and Full Report

Nearshore Evaluation Report Presentation Slideshow to TRPA Governing Board October 23, 2013