This announcement is being initiated as required by the TRPA/TMPO Public Participation Plan to provide public notification of changes that have been proposed to the 2021 Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP). The public comment period commences on April 2, 2021 and closes on April 9, 2021. There will be an opportunity for public comment April 9, 2021 at the scheduled Tahoe Transportation Commission Board meeting prior to the close of the comment period.

The amendment documents are available upon request or can be accessed by clicking here: Draft 2021 Federal Transportation Improvement Program Amendment No. 1

Submit comments to:
Judy Weber, Associate Transportation Planner
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
P.O. Box 5310
Stateline, NV 89449
Or email:

The proposed changes to the 2021 Federal Transportation Improvement Program are as follows:

Existing Project: Tahoe Mobility Hub – Washoe County (prior title: Multi‐Use Center)
Update Project Title and Description: Protective acquisition, site alternative analysis, and site selection
for a mobility hub within Washoe County Tahoe Area Plan. Potential demolition of existing site
Update Funding: Add FTA 5339 $1,956,000 ROW 20/21 and $1,200,000 CON 21/22, Transportation
Development Act $189,000 ROW 20/21 and $300,000 CON 21/22, Washoe County Bond $285,000 ROW
20/21. Total project cost $8,500,000.

Existing Project: SR 28 Central Corridor – Sand Harbor to Spooner – Parking and Safety Improvements
Relocation of on‐highway parking, trailhead improvements, parking lot expansions and transit stops
along the SR 28 Corridor.
Update funding: Add NV TAP MPO funds $239,000 PE 20/21, NV TAP State funds $691,000 PE 20/21,
Tahoe Fund funds $36,000 PE 20/21 and $250,000 CON 20/21. Reduce Washoe County Bond from
$76,000 to $30,000 PE 20/21. Total project cost $13,244,000.

Please direct questions regarding this notice to Judy Weber at

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