Stateline, Nevada – Lake Tahoe’s two regional bi-state agencies for transportation, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and Tahoe Transportation District (TTD), are inviting the public to attend interactive open houses this month to learn more about draft proposals to improve Tahoe’s highway corridors and share their ideas and input.

The open houses are Tuesday, May 17 at the North Tahoe Events Center in Kings Beach, and Tuesday, May 24 at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel in South Lake Tahoe. Both are from 5-7 p.m.

Through a highway corridor planning approach, TRPA and TTD have created a draft framework for future roadway, transit, and bike and pedestrian improvements around Tahoe. At the open houses, the agencies will share this draft framework for improving Tahoe’s six highway corridors and the north and south entry corridors and seek public ideas and input. The community will be able to share ideas on:

  • Managing congestion during peak traffic times
  • Improving transit service
  • Creating safe bike and pedestrian routes
  • Improving access to recreation areas
  • Providing safe, environmentally-responsible parking

At the open houses, TRPA and TTD will also share new visitor, resident, and commuter origin and destination traffic data for each highway corridor at Tahoe. The new data help show what job the transportation system must perform now and in the future.

Feedback received at the open houses will directly inform TRPA’s update of its Regional Transportation Plan. TRPA needs the public’s help to shape this regional blueprint for better transit services, highway corridors, and bike and pedestrian trails at Tahoe.

“The 2016 Regional Transportation Plan will identify key transit, trails, and technology strategies for Tahoe to handle the growing demand for its transportation system in innovative ways,” said Nick Haven, long range and transportation planning manager at TRPA.

“We’ve seen how successful corridor planning can be through the State Route 28 Corridor Management Plan,” Tahoe Transportation District Manager Carl Hasty said.

“That plan resulted in a partnership committed to improving safety and access to the amenities along the East Shore, and has resulted in a highly successful new transit route, the East Shore Express, and the first phase of the Incline to Sand Harbor Bike Trail getting underway this summer, as well as parking and water quality improvements. Working with TRPA, we want to bring this approach to other corridors.”

The transportation system plays a key role in environmental improvement at Tahoe, as 70 percent of the fine sediment affecting lake clarity comes from roads and developed areas. It also plays a critical role in recreation access, air quality, economic vitality, greenhouse gas reduction, and overall quality of life.

TRPA has also released its draft Public Participation Plan for public review, and is accepting comments on that plan until June 14. The draft plan identifies how TRPA will work to engage communities for better public input on transportation plans and projects, including the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan. The draft is available at

For more information about the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan and ways to get involved in the process, visit

The Tahoe Transportation District is responsible for the implementation and management of transportation projects and programs in the Tahoe Basin. The organization has facilitated many area safety infrastructure projects, including bicycle paths, roadway improvements, pedestrian thoroughfares, water quality and watershed improvements, and public transit solutions. For additional information, contact Carl Hasty, District Manager, at or (775) 589-5501.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency leads the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region, while improving local communities, and people’s interactions with our irreplaceable environment. For additional information, contact Tom Lotshaw, Public Information Officer, at 775-589-5278.