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Resisting Bears

Repopulation is not going well for some of the Tahoe Basin's sensitive wildlife. Wildlife care and management agencies are responding to a high volume of bear issues and it is critical that returning residents and visitors be extra cautious and go to lengths to...

The First Dianne Feinstein Lake Tahoe Award

As part of the 25th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit in August, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and members of the partnership dubbed "Team Tahoe" presented the first ever Dianne Feinstein Lake Tahoe Award. The inaugural award was bestowed upon US Senator Dianne Feinstein...

Housing Incentives Approved for Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, CA/NV – Updated rules to encourage more affordable housing options for Tahoe residents and workers have been unanimously approved by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board, the agency said today. The approval significantly expands the...

Tahoe Regional Housing Amendments Move Forward

Lake Tahoe, CA/NV – Updated rules to encourage more affordable housing options for Tahoe residents and workers will be considered for adoption by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Board and at its July 29th meeting, the agency said today. The Lake Tahoe...

Columns and Speeches

The Future of Recreation and Tourism at Lake Tahoe

By Joanne S. Marchetta Although Lake Tahoe’s economy has facets—like building trades, health care, education, and a growing number of gig and remote workers, to name a few—the foundation of our region’s $5 billion economy is undeniably tourism. Equally apparent is...

Getting Serious About Transportation

By Joanne S. Marchetta Lake Tahoe’s transportation system and roadways need a transformation. On peak days, the region faces metropolitan-scale problems on narrow mountain roads and, unlike metro areas, Tahoe can’t simply grow its way to a solution with bigger...

Improving Housing and Transportation for a Sustainable Lake Tahoe

By Joanne S. Marchetta In the blur of mixed pandemic news, it can be hard to see that we are making progress and will assuredly come out the other side of this world-altering hardship. Since the first COVID closure and the compounding reports of virus spread almost a...

Positive Momentum through Relationships for Lake Tahoe

By Mark Bruce Like many residents and visitors of Lake Tahoe, I have had the good fortune of running, hiking, swimming, skiing, dining, lodging and otherwise living in and around Lake Tahoe nearly all of my life. Tahoe has played a vital role in the development of my...

Finding Bright Spots on the Horizon

By Joanne S. Marchetta We are ready for some glad tidings this holiday season. While we look forward to the spirit of generosity and warmth the season brings, many are also hoping the New Year will deliver a meaningful reset. Propelling ourselves forward and out of...

All Press Releases

Columns and Speeches

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