SR 89 Recreation Corridor Management Plan


The targeted corridor along California State Route 89 is a two-lane mountain highway that provides access to many of Lake Tahoe’s most popular recreation areas and to residential neighborhoods. The route is crowned by Emerald Bay, a National Natural Landmark and one of Lake Tahoe’s most popular and photographed locations. The corridor is lined by nearly 12 miles of undeveloped shoreline, beach access to popular recreation sites, and trailheads to popular mountain side attractions.

The popularity of the 89 corridor comes with traffic and travel issues that have been under study by Lake Tahoe agencies. The plan calls for Emerald Bay shuttles every 15 minutes, parking management, public facility enhancements, and other infrastructure improvements.

The SR 89 Recreation Corridor Management Plan boundaries are from West Way just outside the City of South Lake Tahoe and extend to the county line at Tahoma. Click here to view a boundary map. However, neighboring areas of influence will also be investigated for potential improvements that may assist in improving traffic flow, multi-modal access, and visitor experience.

Project Team:
The SR 89 Recreation Corridor Management Plan kicked-off in March 2018. Project Team member organizations include: California Highway Patrol, California Lands Management, California State Parks, Camp Richardson Resort, Caltrans, Cal Fire, El Dorado County, El Dorado County Sherriff’s Office, Lake Valley Fire Protection District, Fallen Leafe Fire Protection District, Meeks Bay Fire Protection District, Tahoe Fund, Washoe Tribe, Federal Highway Administration California Division, TRPA, TTD, and USFS.

The group is expected to review existing plans and projects, determine data needs and review consultant analysis, brainstorm project and program solutions to identified needs, undertake agreements for implementation, operations, and maintenance, pose issues for higher-level issue assistance, and review final planning documents.

Final Plan:

Final State Route 89 Recreation Corridor Management Plan

SR-89 Final Plan Appendices

Draft Plan:

Draft State Route 89 Corridor Management Plan
Draft State Route 89 Corridor Management Plan Appendices
State Route 89 Existing Conditions Report

July 22 Presentation on Draft Sr-89 Corridor Plan

Public engagement and opportunities for agency, stakeholder, and public input will be available through September.

Public Webinar Dates:

Learn more about the State Route 89 Corridor Plan during the following public webinars. Opportunities for questions, comments, and feedback will be available during each meeting.

Monday, August 3 Video

Tuesday, September 22 Video

Additional Materials:

Fact Sheet (View)
Project Team Meeting 1 Presentation (View)
Project Team Meeting 2 Presentation (View)
Project Team Meeting 3 Presentation (View)
Project Team Meeting 4 Presentation (View)
Project Team Meeting 5 Presentation (View)
Project Team Meeting 6 Presentation (View)
Project Update Presentation – February 2019 (View)
Existing Conditions Report (View)
Stakeholder Workshop Presentation – May 2019 (View)
Project Update Presentation – October 2019 (View)
Project Update Presentation – January 2020 (View)
Project Update Presentation – February 2020 (View)
Open House Materials – March 2020 (View)
Webinar: State Route 89 The Future of Lake Tahoe’s West Shore (Video) (Slides)

We want your input!

As part of the planning process, we’ll be asking YOU to tell us how, when, and where you travel, what your experience is like once visiting the area, and what would encourage you to change the way you travel. To stay up-to-date on input opportunities, sign up for our e-news and click the SR 89 Recreation Corridor Management Plan box.