Stateline, Nevada – With President Barack Obama visiting Lake Tahoe for a landmark 20th annual Lake Tahoe Summit this month, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has published a special summit edition of Tahoe in Depth.

This special edition of the award-winning newspaper tells the story of 20 years of summits at Lake Tahoe—from the organization and importance of the first-ever summit and the successful work it sparked, to major issues such as climate change that will confront the Tahoe Region in the decades to come.

Stories in this edition of Tahoe In Depth highlight some of the Tahoe Region’s biggest environmental challenges and its work to address them, from lake clarity to forest health, invasive species, conservation, and environmental restoration and basin-wide collaboration among federal, state, and local agencies, nonprofit groups, and private sector partners through the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program.

U.S. Senator Harry Reid organized the first Lake Tahoe Summit in 1997. The event featured former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore and put a national spotlight on Lake Tahoe and its pressing environmental issues.

Reid, who is leaving office at the end of this year and has been a stalwart champion for Lake Tahoe, is also organizing this year’s summit, which will feature President Obama. The event is Wednesday, Aug. 31 at Harvey’s Outdoor Arena in Stateline, Nevada.

More information on the summit is available at The latest edition of Tahoe In Depth is being distributed around the Tahoe Basin and is available online at

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency leads the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region, while improving local communities, and people’s interactions with our irreplaceable environment. For additional information, contact Tom Lotshaw, Public Information Officer, at 775-589-5278.