Tahoe Bike Challenge June 7 – June 20, 2014

With about half of the nitrogen affecting Lake Tahoe coming from our own air, swapping out car trips for bike trips is a fun, healthy, and increasingly easy way to help save this beautiful place. Every June, TRPA joins the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition and hundreds of individuals around the Basin in the Tahoe Bike Challenge.

Every year, more miles are added to Lake Tahoe’ bike and pedestrian trail network, which makes it easier to get out of your car and reduce the air pollution that settles in our water and helps feed harmful algae. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is also a key strategy of the Lake Tahoe Sustainable Communities Action Plan that will lead our communities to a healthy, sustainable future.

This June, join TRPA and many others in seeing how many miles we, as a community, can ride or walk in two weeks. The results will help show agencies how geared up we are for more bike and walking trails and alternative modes of transportation. Besides that, it will get you ready for a great summer of riding!