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Happy Trails: Summer recreation abounds-around and on the Lake

By: Devin Middlebrook
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Summers at Lake Tahoe are famous for blue skies, clear waters, and cool mountain breezes. Those qualities attract millions of visitors to Tahoe every summer. For locals and visitors, there are no shortages of ways to enjoy Lake Tahoe. Kayaking and standup paddleboarding have exploded in popularity, offering a leisurely and intimate way to enjoy the outdoors. To help navigate the vast waters of Tahoe, the Lake Tahoe Water Trail offers information about public launch sites, paddle routes, shoreline businesses, cultural and natural attractions, navigation tools, and water safety.

“The Water Trail wayfinding tools provide knowledge and resources for all mariners to have a safe and fun adventure, and to connect to our heart and soul in the most natural sense,” said Becky Bell, project manager for the Lake Tahoe Water Trail. “It helps paddlers to understand the interconnected relationship of man with nature, and to navigate and protect our pristine waters.”

The Water Trail offers seven day-trip routes that include paddle itineraries with details about parking, on-site facilities and amenities, public beach access to nearby hiking trails, restaurants, paddle shops, historic sites, lodging, and campgrounds. Water Trail maps can be purchased at

A growing number of standup paddleboard races and events are held at Lake Tahoe every summer. These events attract competitors and top professionals from around the world. Premier events for the summer include the Tahoe Cup Race Series, Race the Lake of the Sky, and Ta-Hoe Nalu SUP Race.

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