Stateline, Nevada – With another building and construction season approaching, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) is launching a new Parcel Tracker available online to the public. Part of the Lake Tahoe Info portal, the Parcel Tracker provides a wide range of information for property owners and people considering buying or investing in property at Lake Tahoe.

“We are pleased to provide this Parcel Tracker service and think it provides unprecedented access to property information for the public,” said Ken Kasman, division manager of Research and Analysis at TRPA. “In the past, people needed to make multiple phone calls and office visits to get the kind of information we are now providing in one place online through the innovative Parcel Tracker.”

Available at, the Parcel Tracker includes access to TRPA’s database of Individual Parcel Evaluation System (IPES) and Bailey land capability scores so people can use the website to determine how much land coverage a property could be eligible for without having to call TRPA and request that information. The Parcel Tracker also allows people to quickly see:

  • If a property has a best management practices (BMP) certificate from TRPA, and to download and print the certificate;
  • The jurisdiction and the local area plan, plan area statement, or community plan where a property is located;
  • The property’s address and assessor’s parcel number;
  • TRPA-related deed restrictions associated with a property;
  • If any development rights are banked on a property or have been transferred off a property;
  • A history of TRPA applications, permits, site plans, and electronic copies of permits for a property.

TRPA staff have scanned and uploaded thousands of paper files to provide information for the Parcel Tracker. People who visit the Parcel Tracker and don’t find the information for a property they are looking for can click on a “Request Updated Information” box that will prompt TRPA staff to retrieve information from agency’s paper files and upload it to the Parcel Tracker.

Other tools available online through the Lake Tahoe Info portal include the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program Project Tracker, a Monitoring Dashboard that provides data from monitoring programs in the region, a Sustainability Dashboard that shows the status of sustainability indicators for the region, and a Transportation Tracker that illustrates what TRPA and its partners are doing to implement Tahoe’s regional transportation vision.

“The web platform is one more example of TRPA’s drive toward enhanced transparency and improved public service,” Kasman said.

TRPA’s development of the Lake Tahoe Info portal with Sitka Technology Group was made possible with financial support from the U.S. EPA through the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act, the California Strategic Growth Council, and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency leads the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region, while improving local communities, and people’s interactions with our irreplaceable environment. For additional information, contact Tom Lotshaw, public information officer, at (775) 589-5278.