Lake Tahoe, NV/CA – The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board will consider adopting the 2020 Lake Tahoe Regional Transportation Plan at its regular meeting April 28, TRPA said today.

The Regional Transportation Plan identifies a broad range of policies, programs, and projects needed to comprehensively improve Tahoe’s transportation system over the next 25 years, according to the agency. The plan, updated every four years, is the shared vision for a transportation system at Lake Tahoe that moves visitors and residents around the basin without relying solely on personal vehicles.

“This transportation plan will be a game changer,” TRPA Executive Director Joanne S. Marchetta said. “Many of Tahoe’s challenges today must be answered by a first-rate transportation network. This plan integrates the climate initiatives of California, Nevada, and local governments and will better serve residents and visitors by delivering improved transportation options and reduced congestion.”

TRPA is taking action on the transportation plan in its capacity as the Metropolitan Planning Organization, a designation that allows federal transportation funds to flow to the Tahoe Basin. The plan addresses regional and community priorities including modernization of the current transit system, completing the Tahoe Trail to encircle the lake, and supporting new technology for travel, according to the agency. The update has been developed with broad support from the states, local governments, and transportation partners. More than 8,500 members of the public have provided input through an inclusive information gathering process with elements in both English and Spanish.

The transportation plan has been recommended for approval by the Tahoe Transportation Commission and TRPA Advisory Planning Commission. Consideration for adoption will take place at the virtual TRPA Governing Board and committee meetings Wednesday, April 28. The plan and meeting information can be viewed at

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency leads the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region, while improving local communities, and people’s interactions with our irreplaceable environment. For additional information, contact Jeff Cowen, Public Information Officer, at (775) 589-5278 or