Regional Grant Program

2021 Regional Grant Program

The Linking Tahoe Regional Grant Program (RGP), administered by Tahoe Regional Planning Agency as the Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization, allocates funds to transportation projects that support regional transportation goals through a competitive process. The grant program seeks to leverage funding sources, when possible, to increase success and effectiveness of project implementation. The Program supports the implementation of the 2020 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) goals and policies and advances the implementation of regional and local priorities. The focus of the program is to create additional transportation options and an enhanced transportation system to provide safe, multi-modal improvements that also provide social and environmental benefits.

2021 Regional Grant Program is Closed

2021 Project Recommendations
2021 Regional Grant Program Press Release

Program Schedule:

The below schedule lists the milestones for the 2021 Regional Grant Program.

RGP Milestones Scheduled Date
Call for Projects June 14, 2021
Project Application Deadline July 19, 2021
Tahoe Transportation Implementation Committee (TTIC) – Endorsement (TRPA Staff project recommendations for RGP) August 2021
2021 RGP Project Recommendations Announcement September 27, 2021
Programming of Projects in FTIP November 2021

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