Regional Grant Program

2021 Regional Grant Program

The Linking Tahoe Regional Grant Program (RGP), administered by Tahoe Regional Planning Agency as the Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization, allocates funds to transportation projects that support regional transportation goals through a competitive process. The grant program seeks to leverage funding sources, when possible, to increase success and effectiveness of project implementation. The Program supports the implementation of the 2020 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) goals and policies and advances the implementation of regional and local priorities. The focus of the program is to create additional transportation options and an enhanced transportation system to provide safe, multi-modal improvements that also provide social and environmental benefits.

2021 Regional Grant Program – Call for Projects Notice

Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization (TMPO) is pleased to announce the 2021 Regional Grant Program Call for Projects estimated at $11M for fiscal years 2021-22 thru 2023-24.  This call for projects uses an enhanced performance-based evaluation system that has incorporated feedback received from the previous grant funding cycle. The application includes a performance assessment evaluating how the project or program best meets the overall Regional Plan goals and policies and those identified as priorities in the Regional Transportation Plan. The RGP goals and criteria are consistent with the funding sources that are included in this call for projects. There are four funding sources available: Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (California and Nevada), Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program, Nevada Transportation Alternatives Program, and Highway Infrastructure Program (California and Nevada). TRPA encourages partners to submit all planned transportation projects that meet the grant program selection criteria even if the request need exceeds the funding availability. This allows for the establishment of a comprehensive regional list, creates a more streamlined grant process, and removes the need for additional call for projects if supplementary funding sources become available.

To apply for the grant, please see below for guidelines, application and performance assessment links.

Application Files:

Program Schedule:

The below schedule lists the milestones for the 2021 Regional Grant Program.

RGP Milestones Scheduled Date
Call for Projects June 14, 2021
Project Application Deadline July 19, 2021
Tahoe Transportation Implementation Committee (TTIC) – Endorsement (TRPA Staff project recommendations for RGP) August 2021
Release RGP Project Selection Recommendations August 2021
TRPA Environmental Improvement Transportation & Public Outreach Committee – Informational (Report on TTIC and Staff recommendations for RGP projects) September 2021
Tahoe Transportation Commission – Recommendation of approval to TMPO Governing Board (RGP programming of projects in FTIP) October 08, 2021
TMPO Governing Board – Approval (RGP programming of projects in FTIP) October 27, 2021

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