Deed-restricted project will house 100 students

Stateline, NV – The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board on Wednesday unanimously approved the Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) Student Housing Project, which will provide up to 100 students on-campus affordable housing, the agency announced today. Among other items heard by the Board and committees yesterday were affordable housing incentives for local workers, permit process improvements, and an amendment to the Washoe County Tahoe Area Plan.

TRPA and the City of South Lake Tahoe worked with LTCC to ensure the project could move forward this year, similar to the collaborative, all-hands planning process that helped the 248-unit Sugar Pine Village affordable housing project break ground in record time in 2022.

“We commend the college for helping provide new affordable housing options to its students, whose educational pursuits are often thwarted by a lack of housing,” TRPA Executive Director Julie Regan said. “Solutions to the housing crisis in the Tahoe Region are coming from every direction and this project is a shining example of the kind of progress we can make when we work together.”

Environmental benefits of the LTCC project include reduction of vehicle trips to and from campus and heated sidewalks that reduce the need for snow removal equipment and de-icing. Very little additional parking was needed for the 100-bed project, largely due to the existing adjacent parking lot, trail and transit connectivity, and on-campus services the college features. The college recently added an electric bus mobility hub on campus in partnership with the Tahoe Transportation District and Liberty Utilities and contributed to construction of the Dennis T. Machida Memorial Greenway Trail.

LTCC is one of just 11 California community colleges to receive state funding for housing projects under a new initiative to address housing affordability in communities throughout the state. The expedited permit process helped the college meet tight timelines required by the $39 million grant. The facility is expected to open to low-income students in 2025.

You can also view a fly-through video of the architectural plans. Images and video credit: Lake Tahoe Community College and JK Architecture Engineering.


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