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Our Lake is on the world stage: Tahoe inspires protections for other spectacular locations

There’s nowhere better than Lake Tahoe to get into the holiday spirit. Sturdy green conifers are dolloped with snow like vanilla icing on gingerbread. The Lake mirrors the bright blue sky and the crisp, clean air signals the beginning of winter. From all of us at Tahoe In Depth, we hope you enjoy this magical season. We are delighted to bring you the third issue of our environmental newspaper. Your generous support has made the continuation of the publication possible and we are grateful. We have subscribers now from coast to coast. Just as Highway 50 stretches from California to Maryland, linking east and west, so does the reach of Tahoe’s influence. Our spectacular Lake is clearly on the national and world stage. This fall, I was invited to speak at a conference in the beautiful Adirondacks in upstate New York. They were interested in learning more about Tahoe’s well-respected water quality policies and environmental restoration initiatives. Tahoe continues to inspire other spectacular places both domestic and

abroad (see story about our partnership with Lake Baikal on page 7). Even Former Vice President Al Gore made mention of our global reach in a recent visit, as you can read about on page 17.

Thanks again for taking the time to read Tahoe In Depth and supporting our mission to educate locals and visitors about the extraordinary work underway to protect and restore Lake Tahoe

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Tahoe In Depth Winter 2013