By Joanne Marchetta

Column Working Together To Keep Tahoe Mussel Free

With Memorial Day upon us, we have another summer season to enjoy and celebrate – kayaking the Lake, a brisk swim, boating to Emerald Bay, and more. Finally after the snow recedes and the waters warm, this is the season boaters and water recreationists wait for. But appearances can be deceiving. Over a number of years, invaders have entered the Lake: Species that are not native to Tahoe have affected the Lake’s ecosystem. These invaders include curly leaf pondweed, the Asian clam, Eurasian milfoil and others. Each has been introduced by seemingly benign activities of residents or visitors enjoying the Lake. Yet another and arguably the worst invader is now at our doorstep, further threatening Lake Tahoe. Quagga and zebra mussels are carried between water bodies by boaters who use multiple recreational lakes.