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Main phone number: (775) 588-4547
Project & Parcel Related Customer Service: (775) 589-5333

Fax: (775) 588-4527
Mailing address: PO Box 5310, Stateline, NV 89449
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Office Hours:

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  • Monday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m
  • Tuesday: 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m
  • Wednesday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m
  • Thursday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m
  • Friday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m

Planner assistance is available only by phone, email, and appointments. The agency is fully staffed and continually improving virtual and in-person services to ensure our customers receive helpful, personal, and timely service.

Office location: 128 Market Street, Stateline, Nevada
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Staff Directory

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Executive Director/Clerk to the Board
Julie ReganExecutive Directorjregan@(775) 589-5237
Marja AmblerSenior Executive Assistantmambler@(775) 589-5287
John MarshallGeneral Counseljmarshall@(775) 589-5286
Graham St. MichelAssociate Attorneygstmichel@(775) 589-5337
Marsha BurchAssociate Attorneymburch@(775) 589-5338
Katherine Huston Paralegalkhuston@(775) 589-5206
John HesterChief Operating Officer & Deputy Executive Directorjhester@(775) 589-5219
Paul NielsenSpecial Projects Managerpnielsen@(530) 318-6025
Dan SeganChief Science and Policy Advisordsegan@(775) 589-5233
Regional Planning Department
Michelle GlickertTransportation Planning Program Managermglickert@(775) 589-5204
Kira RichardsonSenior Transportation Plannerkrichardson@(775) 589-5236
Rebecca CremeenSenior Plannerrcremeen@(775) 589-5214
Ryan MurrayAssociate Transportation Plannerrmurray@(775) 589-5244
Rachael ShawAssociate Transportation 589-5267
Karen FinkHousing and Community Revitalization Program Managerkfink@(775) 589-5258
Alyssa BettingerSenior Plannerabettinger@(775) 589-5301
Jacob StockSenior Plannerjstock@(775) 589-5221
Michelle BrownAssociate Plannermbrown@(775) 589-5226
Permitting and Compliance Department
Wendy JepsonPermitting and Compliance Department Managerwjepson@(775) 589-5269
Jessica GilliesSenior Management Assistantjgillies@(775) 589-5335
Jennifer SelfPrincipal Plannerjself@(775) 589-5261
Brandy McMahonLocal Government Coordination Program Managerbmcmahon@(775) 589-5274
Tiffany GoodPermitting Program Managertgood@(775) 589-5283
Theresa AvanceSenior Plannertavance@(775) 589-5224
Julie RollSenior Plannerjroll@(775) 589-5247
Matt MillerSenior Environmental Specialistmmiller@(775) 589-5234
Zach DavisAssistant Plannerzdavis@(775) 589-5249
Alyson BorawskiCustomer Service Program Manageraborawski@(775) 589-5229
Bridget CornellAssociate Plannerbcornell@(775) 589-5218
Trevor SmithAssistant Plannertsmith@(775) 589-5245
Helen FillmorePlanning 589-5217
Kayla HorowitzPublic Service Specialistkhorowitz@(775) 589-5401
Judy FaylorSenior Management Assistantjfaylor@(775) 589-5227
Steve SweetCompliance Program Managerssweet@(775) 589-5250
Rachel LopezAssociate Environmental Specialistrlopez@(775) 589-5324
Brenden PhillipsAssociate Environmental Specialistbphillips@(775) 589-5297
Justin LanoffAssociate Environmental Specialistjlanoff@(775) 589-5208
Bruce BarrForesterbbarr@(775) 589-5294
Research & Analysis Department
Ken KasmanResearch and Analysis Department Managerkkasman@(775) 589-5253
Jeanne McNamaraPrincipal Planning Analystjmcnamara@(775) 589-5252
Linda AllenIT Systems Analystlallen@(775) 589-5264
Laurie HockenberryRecords Coordinatorlhockenberry@(775) 589-5272
Adele GerzSenior Research Technicianagerz@(775) 589-5270
Josh SchmidTransportation and Analytics Analystjschmid@(775) 589-5289
Beth VollmerSenior Environmental Specialistbvollmer@(775) 589-5291
Sarah NewsomeResearch & Analysis Techniciansnewsome@trpa
Amy FishGIS Program Managerafish@(775) 589-5273
Mason BindlSenior GIS Data Analystmbindl@(775) 589-5209
Andrew McClaryGIS Analystamcclary@(775) 589-5248
External Partnerships
Kimberly CaringerChief Partnerships Officer / Deputy Executive Directorkcaringer@(775) 589-5263
Devin MiddlebrookGovernment Affairs Managerdmiddlebrook@(775) 589-5230
Nick HavenMetropolitan Planning Organization Directornhaven@(775) 589-5256
Judy WeberAssociate Transportation Plannerjweber@(775) 589-5203
Sarah UnderhillCommunications Department Directorsunderhill@(775) 589-5211
Jeff CowenPublic Information Officerjcowen@(775) 589-5278
Victoria OrtizCommunity Engagement Managervortiz@(775) 589-5251
Environmental Improvement Department
Kat McIntyreEnvironmental Improvement Department Managerkmcintyre@(775) 589-5268
Tracy CampbellExecutive Assistanttcampbell@(775) 589-5257
Shannon FriedmanEnvironmental Improvement Program Managersfriedman@(775) 589-5205
Dennis ZabagloAquatic Invasive Species Program Managerdzabaglo@(775) 589-5255
Tom BoosSenior Environmental Specialisttboos@(775) 589-5240
Emily FreyAssociate Environmental Specialistefrey@(775) 589-5241
McKenzie KochAIS Outreach and Education Specialistmkoch@(775) 589-5339
Shay NavarroWatersheds and Water Quality Program Managersnavarro@(775) 589-5282
Joan DouglasBMP Coordinatorjdouglas@(775) 589-5216
Angela TurriettaWatersheds and Water Quality Program Assistantaturrietta@(775) 589-5254
Finance and Administration
Chad CoxChief Financial and Administrative Officerccox@(775) 589-5222
Kathy SalisburyFinance Director ksalisbury@(775) 589-5279
Caroline StutzmanFinance and Grants Analystcstutzman@(775) 589-5231
Mirjana GavricFinance and Grants Analystmgavric@(775) 589-5246
Kacey DavySenior Accountantkdavy@(775) 589-5259
Georgina BalkwellFinancial Analystgbalkwell@(775) 589-5277
Steve BiddleFacilities Managersbiddle@(775) 589-5266
Human Resources & Organizational Development
Angela AtchleyChief Human Resources and Organizational Development Directoraatchley@(775) 589-5238
Katy WaldieHuman Resources Specialistkwaldie@(775) 589-5276
Employment Application Technical Supportkwaldie@(775) 589-5276
All HR Fax Correspondence(877) 258-8425

Staff Directory

Executive Director/Clerk to the Board

Julie Regan, Executive Director,, (775) 589-5237

Marja Ambler, Senior Executive Assistant,, (775) 589-5287


John Marshall, General Counsel,, (775) 589-5286

Graham St. Michel, Associate Attorney,, (775) 589-5337

Marsha Burch, Associate Attorney,, (775) 589-5338

Katherine Huston, Paralegal,, (775) 589-5206


John Hester, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Executive Director,, (775) 589-5219

Paul Nielsen, Special Projects Manager,, (530) 318-6025

Dan Segan, Chief Science and Policy Advisor,, (775) 589-5233

Regional Planning Department 

Michelle Glickert, Transportation Planning Program Manager,, (775) 589-5204

Kira Richardson, Senior Transportation Planner,, (775) 589-5236

Rebecca Cremeen, Senior Planner,, (775) 589-5214

Ryan Murray, Associate Transportation Planner,, (775) 589-5244

Rachael Shaw, Associate Transportation Planner,, (775) 589-5267

Karen Fink, Housing and Community Revitalization Program Manager,, (775) 589-5258

Jacob Stock, Senior Planner,, (775) 589-5221

Alyssa Bettinger, Senior Planner,, (775) 589-5301

Michelle Brown, Associate Planner,, (775) 589-5226

Permitting and Compliance Department

Wendy Jepson, Permitting and Compliance Department Manager,, (775) 589-5269

Jessica Gillies, Senior Management Assistant,, (775) 589-5335

Jennifer Self, Principal Planner,, (775) 589-5261

Brandy McMahon, Local Government Coordination Program Manager,, (775) 589-5274

Tiffany Good, Permitting Program Manager,, (775) 589-5283

Theresa Avance, Senior Planner,, (775) 589-5224

Julie Roll, Senior Planner,, (775) 589-5247

Matt Miller, Senior Environmental Specialist,, (775) 589-5234

Zach Davis, Assistant Planner,, (775) 589-5249

Alyson Borawski, Customer Service Program Manager,, (775) 589-5229

Bridget Cornell, Associate Planner,, (775) 589-5218

Trevor Smith, Assistant Planner,, (775) 589-5245

Helen Fillmore, Planning Technician,, (775) 589-5217

Kayla Horowitz, Public Service Specialist,, (775) 589-5401

Judy Faylor, Senior Management Assistant,, (775) 589-5227

Steve Sweet, Compliance Program Manager,, (775) 589-5250

Rachel Lopez, Associate Environmental Specialist,, (775) 589-5324

Brenden Phillips, Associate Environmental Specialist,, (775) 589-5297

Justin Lanoff, Associate Environmental Specialist,, (775) 589-5208

Bruce Barr, Forester,, (775) 589-5294

Research & Analysis Department

Ken Kasman, Research and Analysis Department Manager,, (775) 589-5253

Jeanne McNamara, Principal Planning Analyst,, (775) 589-5252

Linda Allen, IT Systems Analyst,, (775) 589-5264

Laurie Hockenberry, Records Coordinator,, (775) 589-5272

Adele Gerz, Senior Research Technician,, (775) 589-5270

Josh Schmid, Transportation and Analytics Analyst,, (775) 589-5289

Beth Vollmer, Senior Environmental Specialist,, (775) 589-5291

Sarah Newsome, Research & Analysis Technician,

Amy Fish, GIS Program Manager,, (775) 589-5273

Mason Bindl, Senior GIS Analyst,, (775) 589-5209

Andrew McClary, GIS Analyst,, (775) 589-5248

External Partnerships

Kimberly Caringer, Chief Partnerships Officer & Deputy Executive Director,, (775) 589-5263

Devin Middlebrook, Government Affairs Manager,, (775) 589-5230

Nick Haven, Metropolitan Planning Organization Director,, (775) 589-5256

Judy Weber, Associate Transportation Planner,, (775) 589-5203

Sarah Underhill, Communications Department Director,, (775) 589-5211

Jeff Cowen, Public Information Officer,, (775) 589-5278

Victoria Ortiz, Community Engagement Manager,, (775) 589-5251

Environmental Improvement Department

Kat McIntyre, Environmental Improvement Department Manager,, (775) 589-5268

Tracy Campbell, Executive Assistant,, (775) 589-5257

Shannon Friedman, Environmental Improvement Program Manager,, (775) 589-5205

Dennis Zabaglo, Aquatic Invasive Species Program Manager,, (775) 589-5255

Tom Boos, Senior Environmental Specialist,, (775) 589-5240

Emily Frey, Associate Environmental Specialist,, (775) 589-5241

McKenzie Koch, AIS Outreach and Education Specialist,, (775) 589-5339

Shay Navarro, Watersheds and Water Quality Program Manager,, (775) 589-5282

Joan Douglas, BMP Coordinator,, (775) 589-5216

Angela Turrietta, Watersheds and Water Quality Program Assistant,, (775) 589-5254

Finance and Administration

Chad Cox, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer,, (775) 589-5222

Kathy Salisbury, Finance Director,, (775) 589-5279

Mirjana Gavric, Finance and Grants Analyst,, (775) 589-5246

Caroline Stutzman, Finance and Grants Analyst,, (775) 589-5259

Kacey Davy, Senior Accountant,, (775) 589-5259

Georgina Balkwell, Financial Analyst,, (775) 589-5277

Steve Biddle, Facilities Manager,, (775) 589-5266

Human Resources & Organizational Development

Angela Atchley, Chief Human Resources and Organizational Development Director,, (775) 589-5238

Katy Waldie, Human Resources Specialist,, (775) 589-5276

Employment Application Technical Support, ,, (775) 589-5276

All HR Fax Correspondence (877) 258-8425




Public Comment

Public Comment

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) appreciates and considers all input from the public. We encourage you to submit written comment (email, mail, or fax) well in advance of the meeting date to give our staff adequate time to organize, post, and distribute your input to the appropriate staff and representatives. Written comments received by 4 p.m. the day before a scheduled public meeting will be distributed and posted to the TRPA website before the meeting begins. TRPA does not guarantee written comments received after 4 p.m. the day before a meeting will be distributed and posted in time for the meeting. Late comments may be distributed and posted after the meeting.

REQUIRED: Include the meeting information and agenda item in the subject line. For general comments to representatives, include “General Comment” in the subject line.

Please email your comment to


After Hours and Emergency Contact

Steve Sweet, Code Compliance Manager

Office: (775) 589-5250

Send an email:


Media Contact

Jeff Cowen, Public Information Officer
Office: (775) 589-5278
Send an email:

Press Room

Public Records Request

Please submit public records requests online via Accela Citizen’s Access.

Login or Create an Account, choose Create Application and select “FOIA-subpoena” from the list. For this particular application, no parcel number or address is necessary but can be included if it is relevant to the request, owner information is required.

TRPA’s guidelines for records requests can be found in Article 15 of the TRPA Rules of Procedure. Under Article 15, TRPA is authorized to collect standard fees associated with the costs incurred during the processing of each public records request. The agency maintains a high level of transparency and accountability and does not collect fees for simple public information requests. Use the contact information below for any questions.  

Public Records Request Cost Sheet 

Please contact Katherine Huston, Paralegal, at or (775) 589-5206 with any questions.

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