Request for Proposals

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Title VI Program

Current RFPs:

RFP for Transit Passenger Surveys & Analysis
Posted 11/1/2021
RFP 220003 – Transit Passenger Surveys
RFP 220003 Transit Surveys Q&A

Lake Tahoe Aquatic Plant Surveillance Monitoring
Posted 10/27/2021
RFP 2100027 – Surveillance Monitoring

RFP for Permitting Software
Revised and Posted 8/18/2021
RFP2100026 Permitting Software
RFP 2100026 Permitting Software Questions and Answers

128 Market Street Reroof
Posted 7/30/2021
RFP 210023 – Reroof

128 Market Street Solar Panels Move
Posted 7/30/2021
RFP 210025 – Solar Panel Move