Annual & Quarterly Reports

TRPA tracks hundreds of performance measures and, in the search for continuous improvement, is committed to greater accountability with more frequent and transparent reporting of what we track and measure. Every year, during the first calendar quarter, TRPA delivers a snapshot of accomplishments and the status of progress across all major Regional Plan programs and work priorities.

2022 Annual and Quarterly Reports

2022 First Quarter Report, April 2022

In July 2022, the agency updated its interim reporting process and began publishing monthly Tahoe In Brief reports for the public and the Governing Board. The updated report format allows more frequent updates and a forward look at the agency’s work and progress on initiatives.

Tahoe In Brief July 2022

Tahoe In Brief August 2022

Tahoe In Brief September 2022

2013 Annual and Quarterly Reports

TRPA prepared Strategic Initiatives Monthly Reports on progress and accomplishments and the future focus for implementation of the Strategic Initiatives during months (January, March, May, June, August, September, November, and December) when the Annual Report or Quarterly Reports were not released. Strategic Initiatives Monthly Reports were included in the Executive Director’s report to the Advisory Planning Commission and Governing Board and are provided below.

2015 Strategic Initiatives Monthly Reports