The goal of TRPA GIS is to maintain and promote the use of a regional geographic data warehouse for the Tahoe Basin and to assist in the development of shared geographic data and automated systems which use that data. GIS is the industry standard for mapping geographic information and this tool allows for broader integration and comparison, improved analysis, and multilayer functionality. The use of GIS helps TRPA use the best information for planning and monitoring. TRPA has established standard operating procedures to outline standards for the delivery of consistent, standardized GIS data, maps, data analysis, and tools. TRPA is continually improving the GIS resources and tools.

Interactive Maps

Map Maker
This map allows users to explore TRPA’s publicly available spatial datasets, turn on and off layers, and create an exportable map.
BMP Tool
Best Management Practices (BMP) Map Viewer
This map allows users to search by address or part of the address or by APN to gain BMP Status information which can be exported to Excel.
BMP Tool
Transportation Web Map
This is a comprehensive map of the transportation systems at Lake Tahoe. The map shows existing and proposed bike and pedestrian facilities, transit routes and stops, areas identified for safety improvements, crash locations, electric vehicle charging stations, and transportation corridors and analysis zones. This tool also allows users to zoom in to an address or APN and determine if their project is within 75 feet of a proposed or existing bicycle or pedestrian route.
TMPO Bike Map
Shoreline Plan Map
This map provides a current inventory of Lake Tahoe shoreline structures, natural features, and environmental constraints. This information is provided to inform the Shoreline Planning Initiative. A Shoreline Plan Map Tutorial includes directions for using the map and a description of layers.
shoreline plan map
Plan Area Statements Map Viewer
This interactive map provides the location and plan document associated with adopted Area Plans, Community Plans (CP), and Plan Area Statements (PAS) and it provides estimates on whether the land is sensitive or not sensitive (not field verified).
The Environmental Improvement Project (EIP) Tracker Map
Shows the approximate locations of EIP projects, which you can color-code in few different ways. Locations are approximate, and for large projects are simplified to a single point even though the project may have multiple locations.
The Permit Review Map
Helps planners review layers related to the TRPA’s permit process.
48 Hour Smoke Forecast for the Tahoe Basin
A time aware showing a 48 hour smoke forecast map for the Tahoe Basin and surrounding region. It is updated every 24 hours by NWS. Concentrations are reported in micrograms per cubic meter.


Download Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data

Click here to access TRPA’s published open data at Tahoe Open Data.



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