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26th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit Returns to Sand Harbor

Tahoe leaders and congressional representatives will gather at Sand Harbor Nevada State Park on August 16 for the 26th annual Lake Tahoe Summit. The summit brings a national spotlight to issues facing Lake Tahoe and its communities and strengthens the federal, state,...

Tahoe is a Gift

By Mark F. Bruce Even with a light haze of wildfire smoke creeping into the Tahoe Basin, the joys of summer in Tahoe are in full swing. Following a challenging couple of years full of wildfire, evacuations, severe smoke, and pandemic unease, we have a lot to be...

Lake Tahoe Clarity Report for 2021

Past 20 Years of Data Indicate Evolving Threats for Lake Tahoe     Lake Tahoe, CA/NV - The cobalt blue waters of Lake Tahoe were about as clear in 2021 as they were in 2020. But a broader look at clarity measurements shows there is no pattern of consistent...

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Carrying Epic Collaboration Forward

By Joanne S. Marchetta Over the past decade and a half working to protect and restore Lake Tahoe, I’ve learned many lessons. The first is that being paralyzed by our differences has dire consequences for the lake and our communities. Doing nothing is not an option....

Making the Shift to Destination Stewardship

By Joanne S. Marchetta As we shake off the traces of winter, the Lake Tahoe Region is beginning to feel the hopeful enthusiasm of the coming summer. Adding to the optimism is the newly developed partnership advancing what will be the first Lake Tahoe Destination...

Earth Day Connections

By Joanne S. Marchetta Seeing blossoms and sprouts in the midst of a spring snowstorm is yet another of nature’s miracles that makes the arrival of Earth Day in the mountains so fitting. In these moments, Lake Tahoe’s ecosystem puts its flexibility and resilience on...

Tackling Tahoe’s Housing Crisis

By Joanne S. Marchetta   We shape our community when we come together to care for the whole and trade problems for possibilities. Right now, sentiments in the Lake Tahoe Region around the deepening impacts of the housing crisis reveal concern for the very...

Forest Health and Climate Change

By Joanne S. Marchetta When it comes to weather, normal has become an elusive term. On the ground here in Tahoe, it feels like the only things that can pierce our prolonged drought are occasional debilitating storms. Trees weakened by drought can falter under layers...

All Press Releases

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