Strategic Plan

The TRPA Strategic Plan establishes the guiding principles for how we achieve our mission. At its core, the strategic plan includes four strategic objectives, or pillars:

  • Accelerate Threshold Attainment
  • Be a Leader in Sustainability
  • Use Best Science
  • Operate as a High Performance Team

The 2020 Strategic Direction update to the 2014 Strategic Plan is an overview of TRPA along with history, key initiatives, challenges, and goals for moving forward.

“Partnership and collaboration will be the strategic foundation of everything we do.” – 2014 TRPA Strategic Plan

Collaborative Leadership

The very heart of Lake Tahoe’s conservation success story lies at the intersection of policy and politics, where collaboration means the difference between losing an irreplaceable natural resource and protecting it for generations to come. Lake Tahoe’s environmental community development challenges are too large for any one organization to solve. With unique bi-state governance and land use authority, TRPA is uniquely positioned to build regional coalitions to shape a common vision for Lake Tahoe.

We bring together the best scientists, environmental groups, businesses, and community partners from over 80 organizations to solve common problems together. Building upon the growing spirit of shared purpose and strengthening its role as the region’s backbone organization, TRPA identifies key regional challenges, collaborates to foster common understanding of the problems, and creates broadly-shared visions for solutions.

Strategic Priorities

Updated 2023

Set by the Governing Board, these strategic priorities reflect the agency’s commitment to protect Lake Tahoe’s environment while improving regional transportation, increasing diverse housing options, and facilitating community revitalization.

Tahoe Living

Creating Complete Communities that provide housing for all, an appropriate mix of uses to support vibrant, walkable, transit-friendly neighborhoods, and the necessary infrastructure to protect our unique and precious environment.

Click here to learn more about the housing program.

Keeping Tahoe Moving

Improving the transportation system for Complete Communities and for the millions of annual visitors to the Tahoe Region.

TRPA’s 2020 Regional Transportation Plan and the 10-year Action Plan created by the Bi-State Consultation on Transportation lay out this vision and strategies for TRPA and partners in and out of the basin to achieve comprehensive, long-overdue improvements that trans­form how people travel around, to, and from Lake Tahoe.

Click here to learn more about the transportation program.

Restoration and Resilience

Accelerating environmental improvement and transportation improvement programs to restore our environment and better prepare the region for climate resilience.

Every TRPA initiative includes strategies to strengthen the resilience of Tahoe’s environment, communities, and economy to the emerging stresses of climate change and to improve the region’s sustainability. Click here to learn more about the Click here to learn more about the climate resilience program.

The Environmental Improvement Program has guided Tahoe’s restoration for almost 25 years. TRPA and 80-plus EIP partners must find new funding sources to accelerate progress toward a healthy, sustainable, and resilient region. Click here to learn more about the Environmental Improvement Program.