Permitting System Improvement Initiative

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) is seeking to improve its permitting systems to improve customer service and to encourage environmental redevelopment and private sector investments that will result in environmental and community benefits.

Action Plan for TRPA Permitting Improvements

The Action Plan is a strategy and 18-month work program to implement permitting system improvements. It was developed with staff and key stakeholders and endorsed by the TRPA Governing Board in August 2022. The Action Plan identifies process improvements and code amendments focused on the following priority topics:

    • Establish more efficient, consistent, and predictable application review processes.
    • Simplify and shorten review processes for minor applications and sequential approvals.
    • Update code standards that are difficult to interpret, do not add value, or are unduly cumbersome.
    • Prioritize public communication and customer services.
    • Expand tools for staff development and training.
    • Maintain adequate and dependable funding to support quality application reviews.
Project Status

TRPA and its consultant developed an initial report of recommendations for improvements to the agency’s permitting systems in January, 2023. Suggestions raised by a variety of stakeholders helped the consultant create the recommendations in coordination with TRPA staff. In February, the project team published and circulated the implementation report below. The team requested stakeholder feedback throughout the month and held a public webinar to present and seek additional input on the improvements.

Then TRPA and its consultant prepared and distributed an Implementation Report for TRPA Permitting Improvements, based on information gathered. The Implementation Report listed specific recommendations for a suite of process and ordinance changes. We received helpful feedback from a variety of stakeholders. The Governing Board endorsed an updated Implementation Report in March 2023.

Implementation Report for TRPA Permitting Improvements

Draft Amendments

We now have draft amendments to the Code of Ordinances, Rules of Procedure, Design Review Guidelines, and Fee Schedule available below. Changes implement the actions identified in the March 2023 Implementation Report.

The draft amendments will be considered for recommended approval by the Regional Plan Implementation Committee on August 23, 2023 and the Advisory Planning Commission on September 13, 2023 and consideration of approval by the Governing Board September 27, 2023.

Amendments may go into effect on November 27, 2023 following consideration of approval and training for TRPA staff, MOU partner agencies, and applicant representatives.

Documents available for public review and comment include:

Please contact our consultant Arlo Stockham or our staff contacts with questions or suggestions.

Arlo Stockham
Stockham Consulting
(775) 315-4231