Agency Documents

Located below are archived agency documents associated with the effort to protect and restore Lake Tahoe. These documents reflect what has been accomplished in the past, and how the TRPA has become the agency it is today.

Archived Plan Area Statements and Community Plans

These Community Plans and Plan Area Statements have been replaced by an adopted Area Plan.

Kingsbury Commercial, Kingsbury Community Plan (076) Replaced by the South Shore Area Plan
Nevada Stateline Community Plan (089A) Replaced by the South Shore Area Plan
Stateline/Ski Run, Stateline/Ski Run Community Plan (091) Replaced by the Tourist Core Area Plan

Violation Settlements Approved by Governing Board

Threshold Evaluations

2019 Threshold Evaluation Report

2015 Threshold Evaluation Report
Table of Contents
Errata Sheet
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Methodology
Chapter 3 Air Quality
Chapter 4 Water Quality
Chapter 5 Soil Conservation
Chapter 6 Vegetation
Chapter 7 Fisheries
Chapter 8 Wildlife
Chapter 9 Scenic
Chapter 10 Noise
Chapter 11 Recreation
Chapter 12 Implementation
Chapter 13 Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix A Socioeconomic Setting
Appendix B Resolution No. 82-11
Appendix C Peer Review Summary
Appendix D Peer Review Response
Appendix E Stream Environment Zone Restoration Projects
Appendix F Wildlife Deer
Appendix G-1 Scenic Travel Routes
Appendix G-2 Scenic Resources
Appendix G-3 Scenic Recreation Area and Bike Trail Ratings
Appendix H Recreation Surveys
Appendix I Compliance Measure Table
Appendix J-1 Tributary Concentration Table
Appendix J-2 Tributary Load Table
Appendix J-3 UC Davis TERC 2016 Periphyton Trends Final Report
Appendix K 2015 Final Fish Habitat Report
Appendix L Historic Status
Appendix M Status Trend Table
Final 2015 TVAL All Redlines

2011 Threshold Evaluation Report

Executive Summary
Errata Sheet
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Methodology
3 Air Quality
4 Water Quality
5 Soil Conservation
6 Vegetation
7 Fisheries
8 Wildlife
9 Scenic
10 Noise
11 Recreation
12 Implementation
13 Conclusions
14 References
List of Figures
List of Tables
Appendices Individual Chapter Download Format
A Socioeconomics
B Resolution 82-11
C Threshold Attainment Status Crosswalk
D Peer Review
E Response to Peer Review Table
WQ-1 Stream Concentrations
WQ-2 Sediment Nutrient Load
WQ-3 Flow Weighted Concentrations
IE-1 Compliance Measures
IE-2 Stream Conceptual Model
IE3- Stormwater Management/BMP Retrofit Program
IE-4 AIS Program Summary
IE-5 2011 Science Summary
CR-1 Fertilizer White Paper
CR-2 Threshold Updates

2006 Threshold Evaluation Report
Cover (214K)
Table of Contents (24K)
Acknowledgements (15K)
Executive Summary (970K)
1 Introduction (319K)
2 Air Quality/Transportation (379K)
3 Water Quality (571K)
4 Soil Conservation (242K)
5 Vegetation (328K)
6 Fisheries (240K)
7 Wildlife (307K)
8 Scenic Resources and Community Design (690K)
9 Noise (129K)
10 Recreation (178K)
Appendix A Master List of Compliance Measures (1.5M)
Appendix B Cumulative Accounting (2M)
Appendix C Cumulative Effects (74K)
Threshold Update Environmental Assessment April 2007 (990K)

2001 Threshold Evaluation Report