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August 23 Governing Board Agenda

August 23 Governing Board Packet

August 23 Kings Beach Walking Tour

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Additional Items:

RPIC Item 3 Permitting Improvement Process Public Comments
RPIC Item 4 Washoe County Area Plan Amendments Public Comments
Video from Kathleen Ira Rodman

Consent Calendar Item No 1 Tahoe City PUD Cross Country Ski Lodge Public Comment
Agenda Item No VI A SR 28 Chimney Beach Trailhead Parking Lot Improvements Public Comments
Agenda Item No X General Public Interest Comments

Regional Plan Implementation Committee Agenda Item No. 3 Permitting Process Improvements
Regional Plan Implementation Committee Agenda Item No. 4 Washoe County Tahoe Area Plan Amendment
Agenda Item No. VI.A. Chimney Beach Parking Lot Improvements
Agenda Item No. VI.B. Climate Resilience Dashboard for the Tahoe Region
Agenda Item No. VI.C. 2018 Update to the Linking Tahoe Active Transportation Plan